“The Way to do is to be “

You are welcome to attend John Harrison’s Classes and Retreats on CHI KUNG. FREE “INNER SMILE MEDITATION” HAND OUT, for all participants.

Do you want to learn how to look after your health, prevent serious illnesses harming you? And live a long, happy, and fulfilling life? Come and find out how now!

The series of classes aim to draw upon John Harrison’s knowledge of Taoism meditation, Reiki, Chi Kung, meditation, Reiki and more to help you brush aside those old cobwebs and find happiness.

“The idea is to help people with their personal development – to raise their spirits and give them a positive attitude,” said John, who makes his living as multi-skilled therapist, teacher, counselor and author.

He has almost 40 years of experience in a range of different methods of spiritual remedies and practices.

He hopes the classes will get people into meditation and the wellbeing as it can offer hope and encouragement to make positive changes in lifestyle during these difficult financial times.

“I just realized that people are under a lot of stress and pressure. Everyone is under duress financially at the moment. “But there are ways to be fulfilled – even in this climate.”

There were 2 FREE Taster sessions on Wednesday April 6th at 4:30 & 6:30pm now classes are to run every first Wednesday of the month staring on May 4th and are open to all ages.

Each evening class will cost £7 ,but concessions are available for retired, disabled or unemployed citizens, and John has promised that he would not turn away any sincere student on account of cost alone !

But John, says the group aims to be more than just a series of lectures on spiritual therapies, but that audience participation is actively encouraged !

The series of classes aim to draw on John’s knowledge of Taoism Meditation, Reiki, Chi Kung, to help you find your happiness.

CHI KUNG AT WHITWORTH CENTRE New classes in Chi Kung started at the Whitworth Centre [Gallery Room], Station Road,Darley Dale/Matlock,DE4 2EQ. on Wednesday May 4th.

Our focus will be on guided mediation and gentle exercises.

To book any of the sessions please visit my website, scroll to down the page and make your selection from the drop down list to make payment using PayPal

In order to serve all the Community in Darley Dale, a programme of health, well being and personal development will be gradually implemented over the months ahead.

Simple forms of meditation, together with easy movements are designed to help people, with varying degrees of mobility to rejuvenate them.

john harrison Chi Kung Group The Whitworth Centre [Gallery Room],Darley Dale   john harrison Chi Kung Group The Whitworth Centre [Gallery Room],Darley Dale

Breath is life, so we begin with breathing exercises to re-oxygenate the body and lift the spirits.

At the heart of Taoist Philosophy is the central belief that “the Way to Do is to be”.

Therefore we practice Mindfulness, by observing ourselves and paying attention to how we are Present in each moment.

How would it be, if you allowed all things to simply be, and let go of the need for control?

john harrison Chi Kung Group The Whitworth Centre [Gallery Room],Darley Dale

Heaven and Earth are in harmony. We can also be?

All welcome!

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Tao Academy Meeting Tickets 7 For 6 Offer Starting Weds 4th May

Tel: John Harrison on 01773 438540 or Email: smile4u2024@yahoo.co.uk

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For more information, or to book, call John on 01773 688479 or email smile4u2024@yahoo.co.uk.

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